About us

Top Melbourne musicians with a passion for performing.

Jazz Boutique (previously Mr Boutique – we changed it in late 2022) was founded in 2011, when Tom Barton, a professional singer trained at the Victorian College of the Arts, felt the need for a whole new breed of wedding and function band service.

Tom’s goal was to address what was missing in the industry: Personalised and trustworthy service, with musicians and singers of the highest professional calibre.

Jazz Boutique uses only the best musicians and singers in Melbourne. Our limited pool of elite artists all have rich professional careers – in the wedding/function band industry and with their own original music. We don’t employ lists of hobbyists or amateurs like other agencies will do to attract as many bookings as possible.

Jazz Boutique is built on trust. If you book one of our singers and band, then that’s exactly who you get for your performance. We’ve had several clients tell us about agencies who act otherwise and that’s just not cool.

We aim to simplify the band booking experience. It’s usually pretty rare for our clients to have booked a band before, so we don’t assume any knowledge. We encourage you to ask questions and we explain the process in plain language. We want you to feel that Jazz Boutique has been an invaluable ally in your planning process.

The result is our boutique music performance service: Engaged consultation, valuable experience and guidance, and some of the best musical performers in the world. All at a modest price point made possible by dealing with the band directly.